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Created: 30 Nov -0001

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2005

Retrofitting and upgrading Telephone systems in European MY2002-2004 Mercedes ML (W163).


Version 1.2 October 19,2005

                        Correct LHD/RHD text for phone consoles

Version 1.1 October 18, 2005

                        More part numbers, some clarifications after feedback.

                        Add various pictures gathered from the net

                        Add unanswered questions section

                        Add cradles section

                        Cheaper ways of buying parts

Version 1.0 October 10, 2005

                        Initial version





This document describes retrofitting and upgrading portable (mobile/cell) telephones in Mercedes ML vehicles, from the Model Year 2002 facelift (with turn signal indicators in the door mirrors), to the end of the production of the W163 ML.  This document refers to European vehicles, but IÕm reasonably sure can be used to fit European phone systems into US vehicles.


There are some hints and fitting phones into older MLÕs, but these are collected from other peopleÕs experiences, as IÕve only ever fitted a roof aerial to a Pre MY2002 ML.


There are also some hints for US vehicle owners wishing to install Nokia 6310i phones or the UHI system.


I strongly recommend, that if you want to install the UHI system (the one with different cradles for different phones) in a MY2002/2003 car without an existing phone, or with just a phone (no CD changer or digital BOSE system) , or in an older ML that you contact Steve at MBenzNL (see and use his retrofit kit. You may need to ask him for a D2B harness, and If you have BOSE or CD in your vehicle you will need a D2B joiner. His retrofit kit does not put control units under the seat, it puts it where MB dealers would retrofit phones. You may find it easier to use my aerial harness converter than to run a new aerial lead. If so, you will also need to join the male and female aerial connectors under the front-right-hand seat.




The vehicle must be on a flat surface when working on it with the parking brake on and the wheels chocked to prevent the vehicle from rolling if it is in neutral. The seat and seat belt bolts must be re-tightened to the correct torque – they are critical safety parts.


Disclaimer, I donÕt warranty the information in this document, part numbers may be wrong. If they are, please let me know, and I will update the document at some point in the future. If you destroy your vehicle, that is your problem, and you understand that by following these instructions I accept no liability for what happens to you, your friends family, or anyone else or to your vehicle.



How do I tell what Model Year my ML is ?


MY2002 vehicles were the first MLÕs with indicators in the mirrors.  Near the door hinges on one of the front doors is a black sticker with the vehicle identification number and all the build options printed on it.  If you look at the lower half of the label, there are many 3-digit codes. Look for the codes starting 80x. 800 is MY2000, 801 is MY2001,  802 is MY 2002, 803 is MY 2003 and 804 is MY2004.  (model year codes are 800 to 809) – so 808 is MY1998 and 809 is MY1999 on W163 ML vehicles.


Other interesting codes are: -

352 – Comand. 

852 and 854 are the Nokia 6210/6310 installations

386 and 388 are the UHI phone installations.

810 -  Bose sound system

819 - CD changer


What was fitted as standard if a mobile phone was ordered from the factory?


MY2002 vehicles were fitted with fixed Nokia 6210 or 6310i phone systems. IÕm not sure when vehicles changed between the 6210i and the 6310i systems. At MY2003, the handset holder was also changed to the newer 6310i type holder (curvey, not square).


Picture of MY2002 ML handset cradle.



Picture of curvy cradle similar to that fitted in MY2003




MY2004 saw the introduction of the UHI interface, which has a changeable cradle, where different cradles are used to support various different phones. A number of Nokia/Siemens/Motorola/Sony handsets are supported.


Picture of MY2004 phone console (UHI) without the handset cradle.





What parts make up a phone system?


1)    The phone itself

2)    The cradle and itÕs clips and screws

3)    The phone console

4)    Wiring between the cradle and the control unit mounting plate

5)    Fibre optic loom to the control unit from the head unit

6)    The phone control unit (and mounting screws)

7)    The E-Net compensator (and mounting screws)

8)    The mounting plate for (6) and (7)

9)    The wiring loom for (6) and (7)

10) Aerial and Aerial wiring


Was any of this pre-wired by the factory ?


The European MLÕs were pre-wired with the phone wiring ((4) in the above list) and the aerial wiring (10). The MY2004 (UHI) wiring is different to the MY2002/2003 wiring, and the UHI wiring is not available to order from Mercedes on itÕs own.  The fibre optic loom was not pre-fitted, and is different depending on which Audio options you specify.


There are 2 cables that go from the roof (by aerial hole) with FAKRA connectors on them, one goes to behind the dash and ends up as a WICLIC connector – this is for the GPS connection to COMAND. The other goes to a WICLIC (MY2002/2003) or Black FAKRA female (MY2004) under the seat. Then there is a cable from there (with the opposite sex WICLIC or FAKRA) that goes to behind the dash for the phone. At the dash end it is either a Mini-UHF (MY2002/2003) or a purple FAKRA female. These are for the phone. The connectors under the seat will connect together if you want an aerial connection from roof to behind the dash.


There are apparently some MY2003 RHD MLÕs that seem to have the correct connectors behind the dash and under the seat, but only the phone antenna seems to appear in the roof, connected to an older style aerial connection at the grommet in the middle of the roof. In fact, the blue GPS FAKRA is somewhere to the left of that, and if you follow the coax from the aerial connection, you will find the purple FAKRA connector for the phone aerial.



What parts do I need if I want to install a phone system?


For all sections below, I have assumed that you have a roof antenna – because I have assumed you wouldnÕt be installing this unless you have COMAND. The roof aerial part number is A163 820 15 75.


The phone console parts and microphone/cover are colour coded to match the vehicle interior. These codes are shown as WWW, XXXX or YYYY in the tables below.


Black (Anthracite)    VVVV=7D05             XXXX= 7211             YYYY=9B96

Orion Grey                VVVV=7D05             XXXX= 7214             YYYY=7E33

Java                           VVVV=8G13             XXXX= 1434             YYYY=1A68


General Notes for all vehicles


Mercedes sell various retrofit kits of parts, which are often significantly cheaper than purchasing the parts separately.


These include the microphone and itÕs surround, which is about 1/3 of the cost of buying the 2 parts separately, and the MY2002/2003 E-Net Compensator (about half the cost purchasing a kit with it in rather than the E-Net compensator on its own)


The part numbers in the lists below show the pricing for the kits that I have found (which normally start (B6 xxx xx xx).


US Vehicles may have the microphone already installed. If you have the Garage Door opener, but no microphone, then you should purchased the Microphone+surround as shown in the parts sections later in this document, plus a surround with cut-outs for microphone and garage door opener, and move those parts to the new cover, The cover with the garage door opener and microphone cut-outs is part number A163 820 15 12 VVVV.  (See above for what VVVV is).


The factory standard fit phone consoles shown below are slightly awkward to fit, and you may prefer to use the parts in this table if you donÕt mind that it doesnÕt look identical to the factory fitted version: -



Left hand drive (right side of console)

B6 788 04 54


Right hand drive (left side of console)

B6 788 04 59

Orion Grey

Left hand drive

B6 788 04 55

Orion Grey

Right hand drive

B6 788 04 58


Left hand drive

B6 788 04 56


Right hand drive

B6 788 04 57




MY2002 changing from a 6210 system to a 6310i system



Phone controller

A203 820 25 85 or

A203 820 51 85




All you need for this upgrade is to replace the control unit under the front right hand seat. Wind the seat fully forward, and you can see the old unit, and using a TORX T20 socket wrench, you can unscrew it. The big connector removes by squeezing the sides, the fibre optic plug removes by pulling straight out – be careful not to bend the fibre cable harnesses.


The part number required is A203 820 25 85, or itÕs replacement A203 820 51 85.


Technically, the 6310i handset can fall out of the original MY2002 6210 cradle, and a MB service bulletin suggests changing the cradle to a newer part, however, this never happened to me! If you are going to change it, change it to the MY2003 parts shown below.


MY2002/2003 installing a 6310i system (with MY2003 phone cradle)


The following parts are required: -



Phone Cradle

A230 823 11 51


Phone cradle clip

A230 823 00 60


Phone cradle clip surround

A163 823 00 77


Phone cradle screws (2 needed)

N000000 002359


Microphone + Surround

B6 682 86 09 (Java)

B6 682 86 10 (Grey)

Grey part used in Orion Grey and Anthracite interiors.

Phone console (rear section)

A163 680 09 14 XXXX

A163 680 10 14 XXXX

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console (front section)

A163 680 32 17 YYYY

A163 680 33 17 YYYY

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console mounting bracket

A163 683 00 68

A163 683 01 68

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console bottom screw eye



Phone console screws bracket to centre console (2)



Phone console screws phone console to bracket/screw-eye (2)

N000000 000523


Phone console cable outlet

A163 689 03 80


Phone controller

A203 820 25 85

(replaced my A203 820 51 85)


Phone controller screws (2)

N910143 006001

4  needed if using E-Net compensator

Under seat bracket

A163 820 11 14


Under seat wiring loom

A153 540 74 10


D2B fibre loom

A163 540 42 33

Connects head unit to Phone module, this has re-inforced tubing in the ML

D2B wiring joiner



E-Net compensator

B6 682 86 17

OPTIONAL – see below

DC Separation filter

A203 820 55 15



The E-Net compensator boosts GSM1800 signals, (newer GSM networks use GSM1800, such as Orange and T-Mobile in the UK) – the part number shown above is the cheapest way of ordering it (it comes with a C class saloon Nokia 6310i (non UHI) wiring loom which you can ignore, or send to me please!) – if you wanted to order it the expensive way, itÕs part number A203 820 39 26 (although its always worth checking one price against the other).


However, the system tends to work fine without the E-NET compensator and in fact MB have stopped fitting it in MY2005, so you may like to ignore it and the DC-Separation filter – it is an expensive part.


MY2004 installing UHI system


The following parts are required: -


Phone Cradle

Dependant on phone

Ask MB dealer, and see section below

Phone cradle clip

A463 820 07 11


Phone cradle surround

A203 823 08 11


Phone cradle screws (2 needed)

A001 984 58 29


Microphone + Surround

B6 682 86 09 (Java)

B6 682 86 10 (Grey)

Grey part used in Orion Grey and Anthracite interiors.

Phone console (rear)

A163 680 11 14 XXXX

A163 680 12 14 XXXX

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console (front)

A163 680 34 17 YYYY

A163 680 35 17 YYYY

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console mounting bracket

A163 683 00 68

A163 683 01 68

Left Hand Drive

Right Hand Drive

Phone console screw eye



Phone console screws (2)



Phone console screws (2)

N000000 000523


Phone controller

A230 820 42 26


Phone controller screws (2)

N910143 006001

4 needed if installing E-Net compensator

Under seat bracket

A163 820 11 14


Under seat wiring loom

A163 540 80 33


E-Net compensator (MY2004 version)

A211 820 08 85

OPTIONAL – see above

D2B fibre joiner


If you have BOSE or CD changer



MY2003/2003 installing (or changing to) a UHI system


All the parts for the MY2004 UHI system are needed - however if you are upgrading from an existing 6210/6310i setup to a UHI system, then you will not need the phone console mounting bracket and screws or screw eye, the under seat bracket, the microphone or itÕs surround and the E-Net compensator as they are already in your vehicle.


You will have to make up a special wiring loom and modify the under-seat wiring loom so you also requires the following: -


Shielded twisted pair multi-strand 0.35mm cable

Buy a 2 meter FTP Cat-5E patch cable

From computer shop. MUST be FTP not UTP

2 * 2 meters of 0.5mm cable (suggest one red, one brown)



Wiring loom covering tape


Like insulation tape, but cloth – ask MB dealer

10 way Male connector

A168 545 43 28


Male connector pins (10)

A032 545 39 28


10 way Female connector – shell

A000 545 46 30


Ditto – connector

A001 545 59 40


Ditto – cap

A000 545 93 03


Female connector contacts (10)

A016 545 41 26


3 pin female connector

A023 545 55 28

If youÕre using E-Net compensator

2 pin male connector

A033 545 67 28


Pins for above (2)

A032 545 39 28


2 pin female connector

A030 545 28 28


Contacts for above (2)

A008 545 55 26


FAKRA type D jack -> male mini uhf adapter

Aerial converter lead

I can make/supply these.

E-Net compensator (MY2003 version)

B6 682 86 17

If you are going to use an E-Net compensator

DC-Separation filter

A203 820 55 15




What Tools are Needed ?


COMAND release keys

MB part nr. A000 833 05 61

Seat bolt socket (and driver) E14

TORX Socket Screw

Torx driver T20

Phone console TORX screws

Torque wrench

For tightening seat bolts correctly

Phillips screwdriver


Wire Cutters (small)

If installing UHI in MY2002/2003

Tiny pointed screwdriver


Soldering Iron + Solder


Useful plastic wedge

Ditto - MB part. W115 589 03 59 00



Fitting the phone systems



MY2002 changing from a 6210 system to a 6310i system


All you need for this upgrade is to replace the control unit under the front right hand seat.


1) I suggest you remove the phone fuses first. The phone controllers can be a bit sensitive to power surges. They are F21 and F10 in the engine compartment fuse box.


2) Wind the seat fully forward, and you can see the old unit, and using a Torx T20 bit and socket wrench, you can unscrew it. The big connector removes by squeezing the sides, the fibre optic plug removes by pulling straight out – be careful not to bend the fibre cable harnesses.


3) Reconnect the new part, and screw it back in.


4) Reinstall fuse and test.


5) You should have the COMAND system recoded by the Mercedes dealer at some point to tell it has an extended phone system – then you will be able to use SMS functionality from COMAND.



MY2002/2003/2004 Install where no existing factory fitted phone


This section covers installing the MY2003 phone (Nokia 6310i) in a MY2002 /2003 vehicle, or the MY2004 (UHI) system in a MY2004 vehicle which does not have the factory fitted phone installed. If for some reason you have the non-portable phone installed, then the D2B wiring is already in place and you have the under-seat bracket, and thus some steps do not need to be done.


Note also, that I have assumed you already have the GPS aerial on the roof, because you have COMAND.


1) Remove the COMAND unit using the release keys – be very careful removing the D2B connector – you must avoid bending the orange fibres too much, or they will break internally. Remove the release keys from the command by pushing them back in, and pressing where the arrows shows on the side of the COMAND unit, and remove the keys.


2) Find the phone harness, which is taped somewhere below the COMAND, and the aerial connector. On MY2002/2003 the aerial connector is a silver mini-uhf. On MY2004 it is a dark red/purple ÒFAKRAÓ SMB connector. The handset connector is a black multi-way connector.


Picture of MY2002/2003 Phone connection behind dash




3) Wind right hand seat fully forward, and you will be able to see a set of wires in a black Hessian type cover, cable tied to the rear of  the seat frame. Cut the cable ties and then remove the seat and the air-vent below the seat (by unscrewing the T20 torx screw).


Removing seat: -

            Lower or Remove headrest

Remove the TORX bolts from the rear of the seat, wind seat fully rear and remove rear ones.

            Detach electrical connector for seat electrics.

            Remove seat.

            Note seatbelt is still attached, so it has to stay near vehicle


4) Assemble all control units and wiring loom onto mounting plate.


Here is picture of the under-seat wiring loom – this is the UHI version. The non UHI version has one less black connector (the one in the middle of the picture is not there) and the connector at the top middle is different. The connector at the left of the picture connects to the phone controller. The bottom connector is for the E-Net compensator. The blue connector connects to the main car loom, providing microphone, power and connection for voice-recognition switch. The other 2 black connectors connect to the phone cradle.





Picture of underside of MY2002/2003 (nokia 6310i) loom, controller and mounting plate, with E-NET compensator.  The plate is fitted in the car with the end at the top of the picture at the front of the car. The holes in the plates go over the holes where the seat bolts fit.



if you are using the MY2002/2003 E-Net compensator, then the DC separation filter is installed connected to the picture of phone on the E-Net compensator. The MY2004 compensator does not need an external filter.


5) Install the D2B fibre loom connecting between the seat and the COMAND unit.

Remove the right hand door sill cover (lever up the chrome part of the door sill, there are screws under it to remove the plastic bit)


Remove right hand kick panel and under-dash panel


Run the D2B fibre optic loom from the head unit (along dash panel, under carpet along door frame, under carpet and pop out under removed seat) . If you look at the loom, one end has a right angle radiused bend about 2-3 feet from the end – that is the COMAND end.


Re-install sill and kick panel etc.


6) Plug all connectors on mounting plate, including the fibre optic one, and place the mounting plate in position (it fits over the seat bolt holes). If you are not using the E-Net compensator, plug the two aerial connectors under the seat together.


Picture of under-seat mounting plate in position.




7) Install the phone console, and plug in wires.


The pictures below are of a right hand drive ML with the bracket installed. The purple clip at bottom left of the dash-board is for the lower screw of the console.



In order to fit that bracket two holes must be drilled in the centre console to mount it– These are 8.5mm holes, 32 mm apart. The front one is 35mm away from the front of the console, 245mm below the top of the section of console it is mounted on (i.e to the join below the vents just visible at the top of  this picture). The rear hole is slightly lower, so that the front of the bracket is roughly parallel to the front of the centre console, so that the front of the phone console ends up parallel to the wood dash board.







Here is a picture of the Right Hand Drive phone console not quite assembled.



It is not completely assembled, because the bracket is fixed to the centre console first, then the rear section fixed to the bracket, then the front section is clipped on, followed by the UHI surround, which is screwed in (holding the front section to the rear section), then the UHI connector is clipped in place, so you should only clip all the parts together as you assemble it into the vehicle. The wiring connections need to be made before the rear section is fixed to the bracket on the centre console.



8) Connect the D2B wiring loom


If vehicle does not have Digital BOSE or CD, or Teleaid then there will not have been a fibre loom plugged into the back of COMAND, so just plug in the one you installed for  the phone.


If there is one already, then you have to re-configure it to insert the phone controller into the loop. You will need to: -

(a)  open both of the fibre optic plugs at the COMAND end (the new one and the pre-existing one. Remove both fibres from one connector, and remove white one from other, and put the white lead from the other loom into the connector and close it.

(b)  Join the remaining 2 cables (one from each loom) with the fibre joiner (red cable will only plug properly into one end, white into the other).  It is really important that the fibre cables are not sharply bent, and you may have to free up some of the fibre by carefully removing some of the black corrugated tube from each fibre cable.


9) Install microphone.

            Pull down the cover in the centre of the over-head console

            Remove the cover

            Attach microphone to new cover

Microphone plugs in to wiring that is above over-head console, you may have to unscrew it to remove it.

Clip new cover in place, and push closed.


10) Install phone fuse in fuse box under bonnet.

They are 15-amp in F21, and 10-amp in F10 – if they are not there already.


11) Re-install COMAND and test that the phone works.



12) Re-install Seat. (The seat bolts must be done up to 40Nm torque this is vital for safety purposes)



13) You should, at some point, get your Mercedes dealer to configure your COMAND system to know that it has Òtelephone with extended featuresÓ – they should know how to do that. If SMS sending doesnÕt work from the COMAND unit, it is because they didnÕt tell it that the COMAND that the phone has extended features.



Installing UHI System in MY2002/2003 vehicle


This is the most complicated install because you have to make up new wiring looms to go between the phone cradle and the control unit, and remove  the centre console to install it.


I did consider just making some adapter looms to convert the MY2002/2003 10 way RJ type plug/socket to UHI connectors, but the ML UHI wiring loom has shielded twisted pair for the data signals, and 0.5mm cables for the power supply (because the UHI controller has 0.5mm cables to it from the fuse box), and the existing wiring didnÕt obviously have any of that.


Read the MY2002/2003/2004 Install instructions above, carefully.


If you have decided to use an E-Net compensator, or are upgrading the factory fit Nokia 6210/6310i kit, we will use the MY2002/2003 E-Net compensator part. ItÕs possibly cheaper, but more importantly has matching antenna connections to the vehicleÕs pre-wiring. However, it has a different power plug to the MY2004 version, and so the under-seat wiring loom needs to have the small 4 way connector (A037 545 65 38) changed to the 3 way version (A023 545 55 28). This is done by clipping up the locking clip at the ÒwiringÓ end of the connector (it will probably break off when you open it fully), then using a small pointed object, carefully press the metal clip on each of the connector elements whilst gently pulling the cable out – each clip has to be released twice as the cable comes out.

Push the elements into the new connector, using the following table. The new connector is marked with the pin numbers by where the wires enter. CHECK THE PIN NUMBERS CAREFULLY, you have to re-arrange the wires.











Blue (looks a bit Grey)




You also need to change the 2 pin connector on the under seat wiring loom, as the female version of that connector is not available. Use the Male connector, as it canÕt be mistaken for a microphone connector then, and connect the Red lead to pin 1 and the Brown lead to pin 2. I tend to crimp and solder the connectors

Here is a picture of the modified under-seat wiring loom.




You then need to make the main wiring loom, and run it through the centre console and out of the carpet where the other loom runs [visible when the front right seat is removed]. Again, crimping and soldering the connectors will give the most secure fit.


The wiring loom consists of a piece of FTP (fully shielded CAT5E twisted pair patch cable (not building cable)) and 2 power lines. For the purposes of this document, I will use RED and BLACK as the two power lines, although it may be better to use brown cable as that represents ground on Mercedes wiring. It is easiest to purchase a CAT5E FTP lead from a PC shop and chop the connectors of it.


Handset end

(Male) Pin Nr

Controller End

(Female 10 way) nr

Controller End (Female 2 way)












TX Data -





RX Data -





Speaker -





Mic -










TX Data +





RX Data +





Speaker +





Mic +




Silver - Shield

FTP shield




The install is then the same as installing the UHI system in a MY2004 vehicle except that the centre console must be disassembled and the wiring installed before the phone console is fitted – if you are upgrading an existing phone system, then the D2B harness will already be in place, so you will not have to lift the door sill cover or remove kick panels etc.


Installing the cable between the cradle and the seat.


This cable needs to run along the centre console, and drop down the side of the seat under the carpet.


This requires some dismantling of the centre console.

(a)  Put gear selector in Neutral (make sure handbrake on, wheels chocked)

(b)  Open the centre glove box, and remove the hinge screws.

(c)  Insert a flat (plastic) lever into the slots above the screws to release the catches holding the glove box lid, and pull upward

(d)  Remove the plastic screws holding in the glovebox

(e)  Remove the plastic clips at bottom of glove box and remove it

(f)    Remove gearshift lever cover (unclips)

(g)  Remove T20 Torx bolts from rear of wooden panelling near glovebox

(h)  Carefully prize up the whole panelling

(i)    Remove connectors to the panelling

(j)    Undo the 3 way electrical connector under the glove box

(k)  Remove two T20 bolts under glovebox and two by gear selector, and console will come out

(l)    When you reinstall, make sure air ducts are fitted correctly


Route new wiring from seat back to glovebox along side of air ducting.


Re-assemble the centre console before installing the phone console.


Here is a picture of the glovebox lid showing the catches that have to be released through the slots in step C above.




Here are some pictures of the mounting plate and UHI controllers.


Here is a picture of the assembled mounting plate from the top.



And from underneath - this picture has the MY2002/2003 E-Net compensator and the voice recognition module installed – that is the subject of another document!




The aerial converter lead goes between the UHI cradle connector and the existing antenna wiring.






Hints for older ML owners.



In the Pre MY2002 ML, there is only one aerial cable running from the front to the roof at the back of the vehicle, so Mercedes fit an aerial splitter and split both GSM and GPS signals which were fed down the one cable by the one antenna.


I suspect that they do not fit the splitter if you do not have both – but they may do, since it is also an amplifier for GPS signals.


I believe that MY2000 and before have FME connectors, whereas MY2001 has FAKRA connectors. FAKRA connectors are SMB connectors with a colour-coded and keyed cover, so that they will only plug into FAKRA connectors of the same colour.


It should be noted that there may have been a number of instances where aerial cables from different MY vehicles are fitted, and you should take a look at what you have before you purchase a splitter or cables.


The aerial cable connects directly to the splitter, and the splitter  then has 2 cables, one to COMAND and one to the phone.




Splitter (FME connectors)              A163 820 12 89

Cable from FME splitter to GPS    A163 540 01 13

Cable from FME splitter to phone: -

(Female FME to Female FME)      A163 540 02 13



Picture of FAKRA  type splitter




Splitter (FAKRA connectors)                     A163 820 30 89

Cable from FAKRA splitter to GPS           A163 540 09 13

Fem. FME to Black FAKRA Male  A163 540 11 13



Aerial (GPS and Phone)                A163 820 06 75 or A163 820 18 75

                                                            (2nd part replaced 1st part at some point)


Aerial (Phone)                                  A163 827 00 01 or A163 820 11 75

                                                            (2nd part replaced 1st part at some point)



Hints for US ML owners


US vehicles do not have the harness between under-the-seat and the radio. Therefore, I expect that to fit the European UHI kit to the vehicle, you will need to follow the instructions relating to fitting the UHI kit to MY2002/2003 vehicles and make the wiring loom.


If you want to install the 2002/2003 Nokia 6310i kit, then you can use the part A203 820 31 15 as that wiring harness, but you may need to change the connector on the aerial cable where it connects under the front right hand seat to the existing antenna cable.  The A203 820 31 15 part is an extension lead to extend wiring from the centre console glove box to the side of the COMAND unit on a C class.


It is probably not worth bothering with the compensator because the US GSM frequency is 1900Mhz, not 1800Mhz.


Other interesting UHI information


The UHI interface (D2B) version has 2 connectors, the 25-pin D-Type and the fibre optic connector. The 25-pin connector connects to the UHI cradle connector with 2 power cables and a 8 way (4 twisted pair on ML) shielded cable.


Here is the pin-out of the 25-pin connector:






Mic-, Mic+

To microphone in UHI handset/cradle



To speaker in UHI handset/cradle



Received data from UHI cradle



Transmit data to UHI cradle



Shield For cable to UHI cradle



Ground for UHI cradle



+12v for UHI Cradle



Ground for UHI interface



+12v for UHI interface



D2B Wakeup signal



Turn on signal for E-Net compensator

14, 15

Mic-, Mic+

Vehicle microphone


As is probably obvious, the UHI cradles contain microprocessors and interpret between the ÒstandardÓ UHI controller, and the phone supported by the cradle. I hope one day Mercedes will make a full blue-tooth cradle that means you donÕt need to plug in the phone at all.


UHI Telephone Cradles


There are regularly new telephone cradles issued, some replace existing cradles but support newer phones. If purchasing cradles from ebay, it is important to make sure you get the correct version.


Here are some of the part numbers


Nokia 5110/6110

B6 787 58 15


Nokia 6210

B6 787 58 13


Nokia 6310/6310i

B6 787 58 17


Nokia 6210/6310/6310i

B6 787 58 22


Nokia 6100/6610


B6 787 58 45


Nokia 6220/6230

B6 787 58 32


Nokia 6220/6230/6230i

B6 787 58 46


Nokia 6020/6021

B6 787 58 42


Nokia 6820/6822

B6 787 58 47


Nokia 9300

B6 787 58 48





Motorola V60i

B6 787 58 24





Siemens S/C/M35

B6 787 58 14


Siemens SL45

B6 787 58 12


Siemens CX65/CXT65/CX65V


B6 787 58 41


Siemens S65/SP65

B6 787 58 34


Siemens SK65

B6 787 58 52





Sony Ericsson T610/T630

B6 787 58 30


Sony Ericsson K700i

B6 787 58 36





Unanswered Questions


There are a number of questions that IÕd love to get answers for: -

1)    Is the MY2004 UHI loom between seat and behind COMAND available, and what is itÕs part number

2)    Why are there some RHD MY2003 MLÕs which seemingly have old aerial provision on the roof connected to the FAKRA connectors in the roof?

3)    Which vehicles need the splitter with the FAKRA connectors (is it just MY2001, or did some MY2000 vehicles have this)

4)    Is the GPS splitter fitted even if you just have COMAND (on older MLÕs and in USA?)

5)    What is A163 540 10 13 – IÕm pretty sure itÕs the GPS aerial cable for the Audio-30-APS to connect to the splitter with FAKRA connectors.

6)    What is A163 540 03 13 (I think its similar to above but with FME connectors)

7)    What is A163 540 06 13 (cable harness used in USA)

8)    What is the part number for the little purple clip that the screw which holds the bottom of the phone console into place screws into

9)    What is the part number for the 2 screws that hold the console bracket to the centre console.





I welcome your feedback, experiences etc, then I can improve this document, Feedback around fitting to US vehicles, and to pre MY2002 MLÕs would be useful, as this document is lacking in that area.


Feel free to email me with questions – I do not guarantee any response though É


Other documents covering what I have modified/added to my Mercedes vehicles are at




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