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Created: 8 Mar 2007

Last Updated: 15 Apr 2008

Mercedes UHI and MHI Phone Cradle Part Numbers

Version 1.17 15th April 2008

Newer Mercedes vehicles have a cradle based phone integrated phone system. You plug the appropriate cradle for your phone into the car, and plug your phone into that. Of course there are not phone cradles for all phones, and it is not just a simple audio connection involved as the integrated phone system allows you to control the phone from the sat-nav system or buttons on the steering wheel. There are also Bluetooth cradles that talk to your phone via Bluetooth, so you don't even have to clip your phone into the cradle.

For some reason the systems in European and North American systems are slightly different even though they use the same wiring and connectors and are made by the same manafacturer. The European system is called UHI and the North American system MHI. I suspect this is to do with FCC compliance in USA.

This document contains most of the UHI phone cradles and many of the MHI cradles - this includes the Bluetooth cradles.

The UHI cradles may or may not work with the North American MHI system, and the MHI cradles may or may not work with the European UHI system. The connector system is physically identical.
I know of some US cradles that work in European vehicles, however the Bluetooth SAP cradles and the European 'fixed phone' cradles will not work as they contain complete phones and the frequencies used for the GSM phone network in North America are different to Europe.

There is a section on Bluetooth cradles at the bottom of this document.

You can order these cradles straight from your dealer, but there are plenty on ebay. If you use the link Ebay Cradle Search it will search for cradles in German as-well as the rest of English which will save you money.

If you are in the UK/Europe you can buy new Bluetooth cradles from Comand Online Webshop at very competitive prices.

Current Mercedes UHI European Phone Crades
Part NumberDescriptionNote
B6 787 5822Nokia 6210, 6310, 6310i
B6 787 5835Nokia 6100, 6610, 6610i, 7250i (l)
B6 787 5846Nokia 6220, 6230, 6230i
B6 787 5864Nokia 6020, 6021
B6 787 5847Nokia 6820, 6822 (l)
B6 787 5859Nokia 3120 (l)
B6 787 5871Nokia 6233
B6 787 6122Nokia 6234
B6 787 6123Nokia 6070,6080
A204 820 13 51Nokia 6151
B6 787 5834Siemens S65, SP65
B6 787 5841Siemens CX65, CXT65, CX65V, CX70, CXT70, CX70V
B6 787 5852Siemens SK65
B6 787 5853Siemens M75
B6 787 5854Siemens CX75
B6 787 5861Siemens S75
B6 787 5865Siemens SL75
B6 787 5867Siemens ME75
B6 787 5830Sony Ericsson T610, T630 (j)
B6 787 5860Sony Ericsson K750i/D750i
B6 787 5870Sony Ericsson K600i
B6 787 5872Sony Ericsson W800, W800i, W810i
A204 820 10 51Sony Ericsson K800i
A204 820 16 51Sony Ericsson W880i
B6 787 5875Samsung SGH-D600 (a)
B6 787 5876Samsung SGH-E720 (a)
B6 787 5868Motorola Razr V3, V3i (b) (h)
B6 787 5873Motorola SLVR L7 (c) (h)
A204 820 05 35Bluetooth SAP V2 Adapter (g) (k)
B6 787 6128Bluetooth SAP V2 Adapter with handset (g) (l)
A204 820 06 35Bluetooth SAP V2 Adapter with handset, CLS,SLK,new C (g)
B6 787 5837Fixed Phone (e)
B6 787 5851Fixed Phone CLS only (f)
B6 787 5877Bluetooth Headset Profile cradle (i) (j)

OLD European UHI Mercedes Phone Crades
Part NumberDescriptionReplaced By
B6 787 5815Nokia 5110, 6110No longer listed
B6 787 5813Nokia 6210B6 787 5822
B6 787 5817Nokia 6310, 6310iB6 787 5822
B6 787 5832Nokia 6220, 6230B6 787 5846
B6 787 5848Nokia 9300No longer listed
B6 787 5824Motorola V60iNo longer listed
B6 787 5828Motorola V600No longer listed
B6 787 5812Siemens SL45No longer listed
B6 787 5814Siemens S/C/M35No longer listed
B6 787 5836Sony Ericsson K700iNo longer listed
B6 787 5862Sony Ericsson W800, W800i B6 787 5872
B6 787 5838Bluetooth SAP V1 holder with handsetB6 787 6128
B6 787 5840Bluetooth SAP V1 holder no handsetB6 787 6125
B6 787 6125Bluetooth SAP V2 Adapter (g), (k)

UHI cradle notes:
a) Not with option 570 (centre armrest) in W169 A class, not in W245 B Class, not in new W204 C Class.
b) Not with option 570 in W169 A class, not in W245 B Class, R171 SLK from 12/06 or facelifted W203 (C class)
c) Not with option 570 in W169 A class, not in W245 B Class, R171 SLK from 12/06 or facelifted W203 (C class), W209 CLK or W219 CLS
d) Not with option 570 in W169 A class, not in W219 CLS, W164 ML/GL, W245 B class, 171 from 12/06 or W203 C facelift.
e) Not with option 570 in W169 A class, not in W219 CLS, W164 ML/GL, W245 B class, 171 from 12/06 or W203 C facelift, or W204 C Class.
f) For W219 CLS only
g) Mercedes have tested Nokia 6230, 6230i, 6280, 6300, 8800, E50, E60, E61, E65, E70, N80, N93 Siemens S65, SK65, S75, SL75, S68, Vertu Constellation, Ascent - many other SAP phones work well (including Nokia N73)
h) This is a Bluetooth cradle with charging/aerial connection for the specified phone - however it may work with other Bluetooth phones.
i) This will work with a number of phones, but should not be used in cars with option code 596, infra-red reflecting glass because no external antenna is used. It does not work as the rear handset in the new W221 S class. It does not work with D2B based cars - i.e those with CD based COMAND, Audio-10, Audio-30, Audio-30-APS systems. The person at the other end of the call hers their voice echoed back with a delay. Mercedes recommend the following phones for use with this: - Nokia N70, 6131, 6111, 5300, 3109c, 8600 Luna, 7500 Prism, Sony Ericsson K610i, W550i, W850i, W660i, W610i, BenQ-Siemens EF81, Motorola PEBL U6, KRZR K3, Blackberry 8700v, 8700g, 8707v, 8800, 8300 Curve, 8310 *.
j) Not for new C Class (W204)
k) These 2 parts may be the same but with different part numbers
l) Not suitable for CLS, new ML (W164), GL, B, SLK from 12/06, 203 from MY06, new C (W204)

Mercedes North American MHI Phone Crades
Part NumberDescriptionNote
B6 787 5844Motorola E815, V710 (CDMA, Verizon)
BQ 787 5843Motorola V330, V551, V557
B6 787 5849Nokia 6220, 6230, posisbly 6230, 3120
B6 787 5869Motorola V3/V3c/V3m
BQ 682 0919Motorola V600
BQ 682 0925Motorola V60s
BQ 682 0988Motorola V60c, V60t, V60i, V60x
B6 787 5856Bluetooth Motorola V60 'Puck'
B6 787 5874Bluetooth/Docking cradle for L7 SLVR
B6 787 5869Bluetooth/Docking cradle for V3 RAZR
B6 787 5878Bluetooth Headset Profile cradle (y) (z)

OLD North America MHI Mercedes Phone Crades
B6 787 5839Bluetooth Headset Profile Cradle.B6 787 5878

MHI cradle notes:
y) This will work with a number of phones, but should not be used in cars with option code 596, infra-red reflecting glass because no external antenna is used. Mercedes recommend the following phones for use with this: - Blackberry Curve 8300, Blackberry 7290, Blackberry 8700g, Blackberry 7250, Blackberry 8703e, Motorola L7 SLVR, Motoroal V3 RAZR, Motoroal B3i, Motorola V557, Motorola U6 PEBL, Motorola V710, Motorola V3m, Motorola K1m KRZR, Motorola Q Silver, Motorola V325i, Motorola E815
z) Not for new C Class (W204)

Bluetooth Adapters
The Bluetooth SAP adapters use Bluetooth SAP profile to take over the SIM in your phone's identity and use it on their internal phone thus using vehicles aerial for transmissions.
The SAP V1 adapters were only able to pair with one phone, you had to enter the SIM pin code each time and were only recommended with a few phones and did not in general download the phone's address book. For instance they will download the Nokia 6230i SIM phone list but not the phone's address book
The SAP V2 adapters will pair with 4 phones, remember the pin code and work well wil downloading phone books. Mercedes have tested then with the Nokia 6230/6230i/800/6280/E60/E70 and Siemens S65/SK65/S75/SL75/S68. I also have use a Nokia N73 which works really nicely downloading the phone book and identifying the different phone numbers for each contact with /M /H /W suffix to show Mobile/Home/Work numbers.
Both SAP V1 and SAP V2 adapters have a SIM slot, so you can just plug a SIM into them and use them as a phone. Also, because they are phones in their own right, the call lists that you can access relate to the cradle and not the call list on your Bluetooth phone.

A list of many Bluetooth SAP compatible phones can be found Here - different phones may give different sets of features as there are a number of SAP versions.
You can get more information on which Nokia phones support Bluetooth SAP by clicking on the 'Compatability' tab after following This Nokia Link. When the list of phones come up, as you navigate over a phone, if it supports SAP, you get a little pop-up saying 'Bluetooth SAP Profile'. If there is no pop-up you need to check some other way.

I have tried the US version of the Bluetooth adapter, part number B6 787 5839 with European vehicles with varying success. It does not use SAP profile, so just communicates with the phone like a headset would. It has the ability to access contact information, call lists etc from certain phones. It can pair with upto 4 phones. It does not have the SIM slot, but looks identical to the European Bluetooth adapter (the one without the cradle). Further information on this cradle can be found at
It worked for making/receiving calls in my European A class but would not download contact information etc from a Nokia 6230i or a Nokia N73, it downloads phone book and call history and works well with the Nokia 6300, although there is sometimes a bit of an echo.

The Motorola V3/V3i RAZR cradles and L7 SLVR cradle are also Bluetooth cradle but the phone docks into them, presumably they use Bluetooth for some features and the dock charging and aerial connection. Apparently these may be usable with other Bluetooth phones, however I have little information on it, apart from the European V3/V3i cradle will not work with the Sony Erricson T68i - I do not believe it is a SAP cradle (i.e it uses Bluetooth headset protocol like the US cradle and isn't a phone in itself).

The 'Bluetooth Motorola V60 Puck' is designed to go into North American pre-MHI vehicles (i.e those with a fixed V60 cradle) so that the system can use Bluetooth to talk to a number of newer Bluetooth phones. More information on that is at

There is a new Bluetooth European cradle which uses Headset protocol (like the US cradle), it will pair with upto 4 phones but is unlikely to download the phonebook from the phone, although there is a list of recommended phones (see note (i) above) which should work well. A US version of this is being released also (B6 787 5878).


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