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Created: 14 May 2007

Last Updated: 8 Oct 2007

Most Mercedes between 1998 and 2004 have Audio systems with fibre-optics  used to carry the audio between CD changer, Amplifers, Head-unit, integrated phones and voice recognition. This system is called 'D2B' and is used when you have the CD based COMAND 2.0 or COMAND 2.5 or the Audio-10, Audio-30 and Audio-30-APS head units.

Later vehicles use MOST bus. This article only covers the D2B based units. Car's with MOST bus have COMAND-APS (DVD based sat-nav system), or Audio-50 or Audio-20 units.

It is possible to add a device to the fibre optic ring that pretends to be a CD changer (i.e you lose the functionality of your existing CD changer) and allows you to connect an IPOD. It then makes your first 6 playlists look like 6 CDs.

I've heard good things about the Denison Gateway 500 which allows you to connect an IPOD or an Aux input.

There are also similar devices to add just AUX-IN for the Audio-30 and Audio-10 - this again looks like a CD changer to the Audio-10 / Audio-30 and you can plug any audio source into it (but you don't get any control from the head unit). This device serves no purpose if you have COMAND as that already has an audio AUX input as standard (although you may need to add the 3.5mm socket (see my other articles at )

A suitable device is the Soungate ALMBAUX device which can be purchased from Here

There similar devices for feeding video sources into COMAND 2.0, look at my other articles for details on that.

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