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Created: 16 Nov 2019

Last Updated: 18 Nov 2019

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Retrofit (factory version)

Comand NTG5*1 hardware with the latest software fully supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

COMAND is the high-end Navigation system with in-built hard disk as oppose to the system with the Garmin SD-Card map.
COMAND NTG5*1 was fitted to the A.B.C.E.CLA,GLA,CLS from around model year 2015/2016. It was fitted to the GLE and GLS when their names were changed from ML and GL.

However for various commercial and technical reasons it is not enabled on some cars. These reasons include
1) The software was not ready when NTG5*1 was first released
2) The licence to Apple for CarPlay was not paid / i.e the customer did not order the option.
3) The installed screen is not of the required size for Andoid Auto licensing.

In all theses cases CarPlay / Android Auto can be fitted.

The correct process is as follows :
(1) Install the necessary hardware - this is the USB socket module with the Apple Licence
(2) Have the option codes added to the vehicle's data-record so the vehicle can be configured.
(3) Update the software/firmware on the Mercedes COMAND system so it has software that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
(4) Have the COMAND "SCN Coded" to enable the functions
Note that if a firmware update is required, the process automatically does (4)

Mercedes warn that if you do not fit the correct hardware then any warranty on the COMAND and related systems is void.

Further info:-
(1) This simply involves replacing the USB socket module with the correct part number (i.e one which Mercedes have paid the licence fee to Apple for). You will need the Mercedes stereo release keys to remove the existing socket.
(2) The codes that need adding are 14U, 16U, 17U. Contact us for further information.
(3) and (4) This needs a workshop with genuine Online Xentry Diagnosis and the Retail Data Storage (RDS) storage. a href=""> in Lightwater in Surrey, UK have this and so will all Mercedes dealers.

Obtaining Parts

In order to get the parts, and the data card updated you can purchase a retrofit kit from Comand Online CarPlay / Android Auto retrofit kit. This kit come with the tools and instructions to replace the USB connector. Once it is fitted you need to visit your local Mercedes dealer for the firmware update.
Alternatively, pay a visit to in Lightwater in Surrey, UK and they will do all the work for you.

Other cars without Comand NTG5*1: -
If you have a vehicle with Comand NTG5.5 or Audio 20 NTG5.5 (W213 E class saloon/estate, W235 E class coupe/cabrio, CLS they also can support CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are two versions of the Audio-20 NTG5*1 and NTG5*2 systems, one made by Mitsubishi and one made by Panasonic. The Panasonic versions should support CarPlay, but some do not seem to be able to be updated. Please contact us for further information on this. This includes later W205 C class before the MY19 facelift and later W253 GLC before the MY20 facelift.
Please contact for further information on those vehicles.

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